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Examples of 'coeval' in a Sentence

1. Ancient civilizations had coeval systems of governance and law.
2. The coeval paintings in the gallery depicted scenes from medieval life.
3. Literature enthusiasts appreciate coeval poetry for its lyrical beauty.
4. The coeval customs of the tribe were passed down through generations.
5. The coeval musical compositions of Mozart continue to captivate audiences.
6. Their coeval interests in science led to groundbreaking discoveries.
7. The coeval fashion trends of the 1920s are still celebrated today.
8. The coeval architecture of the cathedral displayed intricate Gothic design.
9. Philosophers of the Enlightenment era were coeval thinkers with diverse ideas.
10. The coeval manuscripts revealed the rich cultural heritage of the region.
11. Coeval accounts from witnesses helped reconstruct the historical event.
12. The coeval sculptures in the art gallery were truly masterpieces.
13. These coeval traditions have been preserved for centuries.
14. The ancient ruins and the coeval artifacts revealed a rich history.
15. Scholars study coeval documents to understand historical context.
16. The two coeval empires clashed in a battle for dominance.
17. Artifacts from the coeval civilizations fascinated archaeologists.
18. They discovered coeval manuscripts from different continents.
19. The coeval castles stood as reminders of a bygone era.
20. Historical texts describe the coeval cultures of that time.
21. The coeval monarchs ruled during a turbulent period.
22. Art from coeval artists reflects the spirit of their era.
23. Archaeologists unearthed coeval settlements buried for centuries.
24. The coeval literature offers insights into society's beliefs.

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