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Examples of 'cogitate' in a Sentence


1. Sometimes, you just need to take a break and cogitate to solve a complex problem.
2. The students were given ample time to cogitate on the essay topic.
3. The engineers cogitate on various designs before deciding on the final blueprint.
4. The jury will cogitate on the evidence before delivering a verdict.
5. It's important to cogitate on the potential consequences before taking any action.
6. She sat near the window to cogitate on her future plans.
7. The scientists will cogitate on the new data before making any conclusions.
8. The mathematician cogitated deeply to find a solution to the intricate problem.
9. The artist would often cogitate on the meaning of life through his paintings.
10. The team needs to cogitate on the feedback and come up with an improved plan.
11. She asked for some time to cogitate before accepting the job offer.
12. The scholars cogitated on the ancient texts to interpret their meanings.
13. They are going to cogitate on various strategies to improve the business.
14. As the puzzle grew complex, she began to cogitate intensely.
15. In silence, he would cogitate, pondering life's mysteries.
16. Hours passed as they cogitated on the elusive solution.
17. Alone in the library, he'd cogitate over ancient texts.
18. She would often cogitate late into the night, seeking answers.
19. With furrowed brows, they cogitate about the future.
20. The philosopher loved to cogitate on the meaning of existence.
21. Lost in thought, he would cogitate by the fireplace.
22. Scientists cogitate tirelessly to unlock nature's secrets.
23. In solitude, he'd cogitate, trying to grasp the truth.
24. Teachers encourage students to cogitate deeply on the subject matter.


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