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Examples of 'cognate' in a Sentence

1. The discovery of shared cognates between unrelated language families puzzled the linguists.
2. The Russian and Ukrainian languages share many cognate words due to their common Slavic roots.
3. The linguist's book explored the cognate relationships between indigenous languages in the region.
4. English and German are cognate languages with shared roots.
5. Spanish and Portuguese share many cognate words.
6. Linguists study cognate languages to trace their history.
7. The cognate relationship between French and Italian is evident.
8. Latin and its cognate languages have influenced many others.
9. Identifying cognate words can aid language learners.
10. The cognate vocabulary between Dutch and Afrikaans is extensive.
11. Russian and Ukrainian have numerous cognate expressions.
12. Cognate languages often exhibit similar grammatical structures.
13. Arabic and Hebrew have cognate terms due to their Semitic origins.
14. Cognate words can help decipher unfamiliar languages.
15. The cognate relationship between Icelandic and Old Norse is strong.
16. Cognate languages offer insight into historical migrations.
17. Recognizing cognate roots can enhance language comprehension.
18. Greek and Sanskrit are cognate languages of ancient significance.
19. Comparative linguistics explores cognate language connections.
20. The cognate link between Swedish and Norwegian is unmistakable.
21. Linguists trace the evolution of cognate languages over centuries.
22. Chinese and Japanese share some cognate characters.
23. Cognate languages often have similar phonetic patterns.

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