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Examples of 'cognizance' in a Sentence

1. The policy was implemented to ensure cognizance of workplace safety regulations.
2. The educational program aimed to raise cognizance of cultural diversity among students.
3. The project team operated with cognizance of the project timeline and milestones.
4. The survey results provided valuable cognizance of customer preferences and opinions.
5. The speaker emphasized the importance of self-cognizance in personal development.
6. The journalist's article brought public cognizance to social justice issues.
7. The training session aimed to increase cognizance of unconscious biases in the workplace.
8. The documentary shed light on the importance of historical cognizance.
9. The company conducted a comprehensive audit to gain cognizance of its financial position.
10. The teacher assessed the students' cognizance of the subject through a quiz.
11. The workshop aimed to enhance participants' cognizance of effective communication techniques.
12. The legal team argued that the defendant had cognizance of their actions and should be held accountable.
13. The committee reviewed the proposal with full cognizance of its potential implications.
14. Her cognizance of the intricate details impressed the entire team.
15. With utmost cognizance, he tackled the complex problem head-on.
16. Cognizance of environmental issues is vital for a sustainable future.
17. The artist's cognizance of color theory enhanced her paintings.
18. Legal experts must have a deep cognizance of the case's nuances.
19. In science class, students gain cognizance of natural phenomena.
20. His cognizance of global politics made him a respected diplomat.
21. Cognizance of one's emotions is crucial for mental well-being.
22. The leader's cognizance of technology trends drove innovation.
23. Cognizance of cultural diversity fosters harmony in society.
24. She demonstrated her cognizance of ancient history in the essay.

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