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Examples of 'cohort' in a Sentence

1. Our cohort organized a fundraising event to support a local charity.
2. The cohort of volunteers worked diligently to clean up the neighborhood park.
3. The mentoring program paired each mentee with a senior professional from their cohort.
4. The cohort of entrepreneurs participated in a startup incubator program to develop their business ideas.
5. The cohort of athletes trained rigorously together for the upcoming championship.
6. The cohort of patients received personalized treatment plans based on their individual needs.
7. The cohort of artists collaborated on an art exhibition showcasing their diverse styles.
8. The cohort of teachers attended a professional development workshop to enhance their teaching skills.
9. The cohort of investors analyzed market trends to make informed financial decisions.
10. The cohort of dancers performed a stunning routine at the dance competition.
11. The cohort of researchers published their findings in a prestigious scientific journal.
12. The cohort of students enrolled in the psychology program formed a close bond through their shared courses.
13. The cohort of musicians rehearsed tirelessly to prepare for the orchestra performance.
14. The cohort of professionals attended a leadership retreat to enhance their managerial abilities.

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