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Examples of 'coliseum' in a Sentence


1. The coliseum's architecture displayed intricate details, showcasing the skill and craftsmanship of Roman engineers.
2. The tourists explored the underground chambers beneath the coliseum, discovering the mechanisms that operated the stage.
3. The coliseum's grand arches and towering walls served as a reminder of Rome's dominance and cultural legacy.
4. The gladiators trained rigorously in preparation for their upcoming battles in the legendary coliseum.
5. The coliseum's history and significance made it a must-visit destination for history enthusiasts and architecture aficionados alike.
6. The Coliseum in Rome is an iconic symbol of ancient grandeur.
7. Gladiators once battled to the death in the Coliseum's arena.
8. The Coliseum could accommodate tens of thousands of spectators.
9. The Coliseum's architecture showcases ancient engineering prowess.
10. The grandeur of the Coliseum still captivates visitors today.
11. The roar of the crowd echoed through the Coliseum during events.
12. The Coliseum hosted chariot races that thrilled ancient Romans.
13. The Coliseum's underground chambers held gladiators and animals.
14. Tourists flock to the Coliseum to marvel at its historic significance.
15. The Coliseum's elliptical shape was innovative for its time.
16. The Coliseum's construction spanned nearly a decade.
17. The Coliseum's seating tiers provided excellent views of the action.
18. The Coliseum's ruins offer a glimpse into ancient Roman entertainment.
19. The Coliseum's events ranged from bloodsports to theatrical plays.
20. The Coliseum's restoration efforts aim to preserve its legacy.
21. The Coliseum remains a testament to Roman architectural brilliance.
22. The Coliseum's destruction was caused by earthquakes and looting.
23. The Coliseum's design influenced amphitheaters worldwide.
24. The Coliseum's historical significance extends beyond Rome.

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