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Examples of 'collaborator' in a Sentence

1. The author acknowledged her editor as a key collaborator in shaping the manuscript into a polished and engaging book.
2. The choreographer and the dancer collaborated closely to choreograph a captivating and dynamic dance performance.
3. The marketing team relied on the insights and contributions of each collaborator to develop a successful campaign strategy.
4. The architect collaborated with the interior designer to ensure a seamless integration of aesthetics and functionality in the building design.
5. The filmmaker invited actors, writers, and cinematographers as collaborators, fostering a collaborative environment for creative expression.
6. The artist's friend served as a valuable collaborator on the mural.
7. A skilled collaborator can enhance creativity and productivity.
8. The team's success relied on each member being an effective collaborator.
9. The music producer sought a talented collaborator for the album.
10. The novelist and editor worked closely as collaborator and confidant.
11. A reliable collaborator can make or break a business venture.
12. The scientist and her collaborator published groundbreaking research.
13. The director praised the cast and crew for their dedication as collaborators.
14. A good collaborator knows how to communicate and compromise.
15. Collaborators share credit for the project's success.
16. The playwright and composer formed a dynamic duo as collaborators.
17. The collaborators' diverse skills complemented each other perfectly.
18. The architect and engineer collaborated on the innovative design.
19. Effective collaborators find common ground amid differing opinions.
20. The chef and sommelier make a perfect team as collaborators.
21. The company's growth relied on finding the right collaborators.
22. Successful collaborators often have a deep mutual respect.
23. The collaborators' joint efforts led to a breakthrough invention.
24. Collaborators can achieve more together than they can alone.

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