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Examples of 'collage' in a Sentence

1. The exhibit featured a thought-provoking collage that challenged societal norms and expectations.
2. The artist used newspaper clippings, paint, and feathers to construct a visually striking collage.
3. The collage captured the essence of a bustling city, with skyscrapers, street signs, and bustling crowds.
4. She transformed a simple wooden box into a beautiful collage by adorning it with dried flowers and vintage photographs.
5. The museum curator carefully framed the delicate collage to preserve its intricate details for generations to come.
6. She created a beautiful collage of memories from her travels.
7. The abstract collage featured a mix of colors and textures.
8. The art class focused on techniques for making collages.
9. The artist's collage captured the essence of urban life.
10. Her collage of vintage postcards told a nostalgic story.
11. The magazine cutouts formed the basis of her collage.
12. Children enjoy making collages using colorful paper and glue.
13. The exhibition showcased a collection of unique collages.
14. The intricate collage featured delicate paper cuttings.
15. The art teacher encouraged students to experiment with collages.
16. The surreal collage transported viewers to another world.
17. She combined nature and technology in her multimedia collage.
18. The abstract collage allowed for various interpretations.
19. The artist used found objects to create an eco-friendly collage.
20. The vibrant collage brought life to the otherwise dull room.
21. Collages offer a creative outlet for self-expression.
22. The intricate details in the collage captivated the audience.
23. He displayed his personal journey through a visual collage.
24. The collaborative collage project showcased diverse talents.


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