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Examples of 'collar' in a Sentence

1. The farmer had to collar the chicken that kept escaping from the coop.
2. The manager wants to collar the employee who’s been stealing office supplies.
3. The zookeeper had to collar the monkey that escaped from its enclosure.
4. The bouncer was quick to collar the unruly patron causing trouble.
5. The policeman will collar the suspect with an arm-lock technique.
6. The firefighter managed to collar the cat before it could climb higher in the tree.
7. The principal had to collar the student who brought a skateboard to school.
8. The actress tried to slip out unnoticed, but a fan managed to collar her for an autograph.
9. During the play, the actor had to collar his co-star as part of the scene.
10. She managed to collar her dog before it chased after the mailman.
11. The detective vowed to collar the culprit before the day was done.
12. The farmer had to collar the piglet that slipped through the fence.
13. The librarian had to collar the noisy student who refused to quiet down.
14. During training, the martial artist practiced how to effectively collar an opponent.


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