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Examples of 'collate' in a Sentence


1. Let's collate the feedback forms to analyze the overall customer satisfaction.
2. The team leader will collate everyone's input and present it to the management.
3. We should collate the invoices and match them with the corresponding purchase orders.
4. The editor will collate the different versions of the manuscript to create the final draft.
5. I will collate the meeting minutes and distribute them to all attendees.
6. Can you please collate the survey results and create a comprehensive summary?
7. The HR department needs to collate the employee performance evaluations.
8. It's essential to collate all the evidence before presenting the case in court.
9. Let's collate the feedback from the focus group and identify common themes.
10. The project manager will collate the progress reports from each team member.
11. We should collate the feedback from the beta testers and address any issues.
12. The researcher will collate the data from different sources to validate the findings.
13. Can you please collate the financial statements for the past year?
14. The coordinator will collate the responses from the volunteers and assign tasks accordingly.

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