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Examples of 'colleague' in a Sentence

1. We celebrated our colleague's promotion with a small office party.
2. I appreciate the support and encouragement I receive from my colleagues.
3. Our company encourages a culture of teamwork and collaboration among colleagues.
4. I enjoy the friendly banter and camaraderie among my colleagues.
5. My colleague's presentation was informative and engaging.
6. We often go out for drinks after work to unwind with our colleagues.
7. My colleague's dedication and hard work inspire me to strive for excellence.
8. I had a productive brainstorming session with my colleagues this morning.
9. My colleague shared a fascinating article on the latest industry trends.
10. I'm grateful for the opportunity to work alongside such talented colleagues.
11. We organized a farewell party for our colleague who was leaving for a new job.
12. My colleague's attention to detail is impressive and ensures high-quality work.
13. We often collaborate with colleagues from different departments on cross-functional projects.
14. My colleague's positive attitude and sense of humor make the office a more enjoyable place to work.


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