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Examples of 'collect' in a Sentence

1. The charity organization aims to collect donations for the homeless.
2. The archaeologist will collect ancient pottery shards during the excavation.
3. Let's collect the survey responses and analyze the results.
4. The teacher will collect the homework assignments at the end of the class.
5. It's your responsibility to collect the necessary documents for the application.
6. The sales team will collect leads at the trade show.
7. Can you collect the groceries on your way back from work?
8. The scientist will collect samples from the contaminated area.
9. We need to collect the signatures of all participants for the consent form.
10. Let's collect data on consumer preferences to guide our marketing strategy.
11. The librarian will collect overdue books from the patrons.
12. The photographer will collect memories through captivating images.
13. Can you collect the keys from the receptionist before leaving the office?
14. The wildlife conservationist will collect data on animal populations in the area.


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