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Examples of 'collection' in a Sentence

1. The museum curator carefully cataloged the new collection of fossils.
2. She inherited a valuable collection of porcelain figurines from her grandmother.
3. The stamp collector eagerly added a rare stamp to his growing collection.
4. The toy store had a vast collection of action figures and dolls.
5. The scientist studied the insect collection to identify new species.
6. His stamp collection boasts rare and valuable pieces.
7. The museum's art collection spans several centuries.
8. The antique collection features exquisite furniture.
9. She inherited a vast coin collection from her grandfather.
10. The library's book collection is extensive.
11. The fashion collection showcased innovative designs.
12. The collection of vintage cars drew many admirers.
13. The collection of seashells was meticulously cataloged.
14. His baseball card collection was a cherished hobby.
15. The gallery displayed a collection of abstract paintings.
16. Her jewelry collection included heirloom pieces.
17. The museum's fossil collection spans millions of years.
18. The photography collection documented historical events.
19. The toy collection in the attic was a nostalgic treasure.
20. The rare coin collection included foreign currencies.
21. His vinyl record collection filled an entire room.
22. The collection of rare books was a bibliophile's dream.
23. The garden featured a stunning collection of roses.
24. The art collector amassed a diverse collection of sculptures.
25. The museum's textile collection showcased cultural diversity.

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