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Examples of 'colossus' in a Sentence

1. The fallen colossus was a reminder of a bygone era.
2. The citizens revered the colossus as a cultural icon.
3. The story of the colossus was passed down through generations.
4. The colossus was a testament to the craftsmanship of its creators.
5. The colossus inspired a sense of awe and wonder in all who beheld it.
6. The colossus of a mountain stood tall against the horizon.
7. The ancient ruins revealed the remnants of a colossal statue.
8. The colossus of technology, the smartphone, has revolutionized communication.
9. The colossus of literature, Shakespeare, continues to inspire generations.
10. The boxer unleashed a colossus of a punch, knocking out his opponent.
11. The art gallery showcased a collection of colossi sculptures.
12. The political leader was regarded as a colossus in his field.
13. The colossus of a wave crashed onto the shore, drenching beachgoers.
14. The company's CEO was a colossus of the business world.
15. The architecture of the ancient colossus was awe-inspiring.
16. The colossus of an oak tree provided shade for the park visitors.
17. The statue of liberty is a colossus symbolizing freedom.
18. The colossus of a storm left behind a trail of destruction.
19. The athlete's performance was colossus, breaking several records.
20. The colossus of a ship sailed majestically across the ocean.
21. The colossus of a skyscraper dominated the city's skyline.
22. The colossus of an idea sparked a global movement.
23. The mythological creature was described as a colossus with multiple heads.
24. The inventor's creation was a colossus of innovation.
25. The colossus of a problem required a team effort to solve.

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