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Examples of 'combination' in a Sentence

1. The success of the project relied on a perfect combination of teamwork and individual contributions.
2. The music festival featured a combination of different genres and artists.
3. The dance routine impressed the judges with its intricate combination of moves.
4. The scientist discovered a new chemical compound through a unique combination of elements.
5. The company launched a new product that offered a winning combination of affordability and quality.
6. The cake's flavor combination was unexpected.
7. His success came from a unique combination of skills.
8. The team's combination of talents led to victory.
9. The lock required a specific combination of numbers.
10. Their music was a fusion of various styles and influences.
11. The combination of spices gave the dish its flavor.
12. A winning strategy often involves the right combination.
13. The outfit was an eclectic combination of fashion trends.
14. The combination of colors created a striking visual.
15. The chemistry experiment involved a volatile combination.
16. The combination of factors led to a breakthrough.
17. A balanced diet is about the right combination of nutrients.
18. The combination of flavors in the dish was exquisite.
19. The car's speed and power made it a winning combination.
20. The partnership was a strategic business combination.
21. The combination of ingredients elevated the dish.
22. The combination lock required precision to open.
23. A successful team is a harmonious combination of talents.
24. The combination of ideas sparked creativity.
25. The combination of technology and artistry was impressive.

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