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Examples of 'combustion' in a Sentence


1. The car's exhaust system filters out harmful byproducts of combustion.
2. The chemical reaction involved in combustion requires fuel and oxygen.
3. The engineer designed a more efficient combustion system for the power plant.
4. The study focused on improving the efficiency of internal combustion engines.
5. Combustion is an integral part of many industrial processes, such as manufacturing and energy production.
6. The internal combustion engine revolutionized transportation.
7. Combustion is essential for most forms of power generation.
8. The combustion of fossil fuels contributes to pollution.
9. Firefighters study the science of combustion.
10. Efficient combustion reduces emissions and fuel consumption.
11. The campfire's combustion provided warmth.
12. Combustion engines are prevalent in modern society.
13. Combustion can be used for heating and cooking.
14. A controlled combustion process powers rockets.
15. The car's combustion system was finely tuned.
16. Combustion produces exhaust gases.
17. Incomplete combustion can create harmful byproducts.
18. Spontaneous combustion can occur in certain materials.
19. The scientist studied combustion reactions in the lab.
20. Combustion heaters are common in cold climates.
21. The chemical formula explains the combustion process.
22. Combustion releases energy in the form of heat.
23. Fuel efficiency depends on complete combustion.
24. Internal combustion engines are found in many vehicles.
25. The combustion of natural gas provides home heating.

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