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Examples of 'command' in a Sentence


1. The CEO can command respect with just a few words in a meeting.
2. The coach's halftime command inspired the team to victory.
3. The director will command the actors to start rehearsing the scene.
4. The president has the power to command the nation's armed forces.
5. The judge issued a stern command for order in the courtroom.
6. To lead the army, you must know how to command with authority.
7. I don't want to command, but rather collaborate.
8. When you command, do it clearly and concisely.
9. He doesn't just manage; he knows how to command.
10. In the military, to command is to bear great responsibility.
11. Before you command others, learn to command yourself.
12. To command effectively, one must be knowledgeable and wise.
13. In the game, you can command a fleet of spaceships.
14. Generals who command well earn their soldiers' respect.
15. She has the ability to command attention when she speaks.
16. Those who command must also be prepared to listen.
17. If you command a dog properly, it will obey.
18. In chess, a good player knows how to command the board.
19. You don't have to shout to command respect.
20. He learned to command at a young age.
21. To command the seas was the dream of many explorers.
22. A king must know how to command his kingdom.
23. Those who wish to command must first learn to serve.
24. She has the charisma that allows her to command a room effortlessly.

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