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Examples of 'commemorate' in a Sentence

1. The plaque was placed on the building to commemorate its historical significance.
2. The community comes together to commemorate the achievements of their ancestors.
3. The concert will commemorate the legacy of the renowned composer.
4. We light candles to commemorate those who have passed away.
5. The school organizes a special assembly to commemorate a famous alumni.
6. The holiday was established to commemorate a significant historical event.
7. A monument stands tall to commemorate the heroes of the war.
8. The exhibition features photographs to commemorate a memorable event.
9. The book was written to commemorate a beloved leader's contributions.
10. The ceremony aims to commemorate the victims of a natural disaster.
11. The artwork was commissioned to commemorate an important milestone.
12. We gather at the cemetery to commemorate our loved ones on Memorial Day.
13. The city council passes a resolution to commemorate a local hero.
14. The museum curator arranges a special exhibit to commemorate a famous artist.

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