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Examples of 'commendation' in a Sentence

1. She was given a commendation for her leadership during the crisis.
2. She was awarded a commendation for her excellence in teaching.
3. The department received a commendation for their innovative approach.
4. He was given a commendation for his work in promoting diversity and inclusion.
5. She received a commendation for her work in preserving the natural environment.
6. She received a commendation for her outstanding work.
7. His bravery earned him a commendation from the captain.
8. The teacher's commendation boosted his confidence.
9. The officer received a commendation for valor.
10. A commendation from the boss was well-deserved.
11. The artist's work received high commendation.
12. The athlete's dedication earned him commendations.
13. The team's success garnered commendations.
14. The teacher wrote a commendation letter for the student.
15. The soldier's heroism warranted commendation.
16. The committee issued a commendation for their effort.
17. The chef's culinary skills earned him commendation.
18. The student's essay received a commendation.
19. The scientist received commendation for breakthroughs.
20. The mayor presented a commendation to the volunteers.
21. The commendation recognized their community service.
22. The police officer received a commendation plaque.
23. The pilot's skill earned him a commendation medal.
24. The artist cherished the commendation from the critic.
25. The firefighter's bravery deserved commendation.


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