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Examples of 'commercial' in a Sentence

1. The commercial property was leased to a renowned multinational corporation.
2. The website featured commercial listings for various products and services.
3. The commercial sector contributes significantly to the country's economy.
4. The radio station played a catchy jingle in the commercial for a local car dealership.
5. The company invested in a commercial software solution to streamline its operations.
6. The commercial district bustled with activity.
7. His commercial venture thrived in the market.
8. The TV show featured humorous commercial breaks.
9. Commercial airlines offer various in-flight services.
10. The company's primary focus is commercial real estate.
11. A commercial lease can be a long-term commitment.
12. The commercial sector drives economic growth.
13. Commercial products often undergo rigorous testing.
14. The commercial ad campaign was highly successful.
15. Commercial properties require regular maintenance.
16. The commercial website attracted many visitors.
17. Commercial loans facilitate business expansion.
18. Commercial banks provide a range of financial services.
19. Commercial shipping plays a vital role in trade.
20. The commercial contract was negotiated carefully.
21. Commercial agreements should be legally binding.
22. Commercial vehicles transport goods efficiently.
23. The commercial space was ideal for their store.
24. Commercial success often depends on market trends.
25. Commercial transactions require legal documentation.

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