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Examples of 'commission' in a Sentence

1. The museum will commission a new sculpture for its outdoor courtyard.
2. They are looking to commission a series of videos to promote their brand.
3. The city council plans to commission a feasibility study for a new park.
4. The company wants to commission a team of researchers to develop a new product.
5. She is considering commissioning an architect to design her dream home.
6. The art gallery hopes to commission a local artist for their upcoming exhibition.
7. They are ready to commission a survey to gather feedback from customers.
8. The organization is seeking to commission an expert to conduct training sessions.
9. He is thinking of commissioning a writer to pen his biography.
10. The fashion designer has been approached to commission a collection for a high-end boutique.
11. The company has decided to commission a marketing agency to revamp its branding.
12. They plan to commission a photographer to capture the beauty of the landscape.
13. The city government may commission an urban planner to create a redevelopment plan.
14. She wants to commission a musician to compose a theme song for her podcast.

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