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Examples of 'commit' in a Sentence


1. One must commit to their health if they want long-term wellness.
2. It's important to commit to your goals, even when the going gets tough.
3. You can't commit to a marathon without proper training.
4. We must commit to sustainable practices to preserve our environment.
5. She decided to commit to veganism for ethical reasons.
6. They want you to commit to a three-year contract.
7. I cannot commit to a dinner date this weekend, I'm busy with work.
8. If you commit to memory these formulae, you'll ace the exam.
9. Let's commit to meeting each other halfway.
10. Don't commit to anything that makes you uncomfortable.
11. If we all commit to this plan, we can make a real difference.
12. He is unable to commit to anything because of his fear of failure.
13. You need to commit to the timeline if we're going to succeed.
14. Can you commit to volunteering at the charity event next month?
15. She decided to commit to a daily exercise routine to improve her fitness.
16. The suspect was arrested for attempting to commit a robbery.
17. The team captain urged his players to commit fully to the game plan.
18. The writer was determined to commit her ideas to paper before they faded away.
19. The student promised to commit to studying diligently for the upcoming exam.
20. The witness was hesitant to commit to a definite statement regarding the incident.
21. The government vowed to commit to improving public education for all citizens.

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