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Examples of 'commitment' in a Sentence

1. The coach praised the players' commitment to training, which resulted in their improved performance.
2. Lisa's commitment to her community led her to volunteer at the local shelter.
3. The organization's commitment to equality is reflected in their diverse workforce.
4. Tom's commitment to his artistic craft was evident in the intricate details of his paintings.
5. The politician's commitment to public service was unwavering, as she fought for the rights of her constituents.
6. The teacher's commitment to her students was evident in the extra time she spent helping them after class.
7. The couple's commitment to their relationship was tested during challenging times, but they remained strong.
8. The athlete's commitment to training and discipline propelled him to win the championship.
9. The organization's commitment to philanthropy led to numerous charitable initiatives in the community.
10. Emily's commitment to her goals inspired those around her to strive for excellence.
11. The company's commitment to innovation resulted in groundbreaking advancements in technology.
12. The scientist's commitment to research and discovery led to significant breakthroughs in the field.
13. The student's commitment to learning was evident in her thirst for knowledge and dedication to her studies.
14. The soldier's commitment to serving their country was unwavering, even in the face of danger.


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