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Examples of 'committed' in a Sentence

1. The volunteers are committed to making a positive difference in their community.
2. He is a committed athlete, always pushing himself to improve.
3. The CEO is committed to fostering a culture of innovation within the company.
4. She is committed to her faith and practices her beliefs daily.
5. The artist is committed to expressing her emotions through her artwork.
6. She's committed to achieving her career goals.
7. Their committed partnership lasted for decades.
8. He's deeply committed to environmental conservation.
9. The team is committed to winning the championship.
10. She's committed to making a positive impact.
11. Their committed friendship withstood the test of time.
12. The volunteers are committed to helping others.
13. He's committed to upholding ethical standards.
14. She's a committed advocate for social justice.
15. The soldiers are committed to defending their country.
16. Their committed relationship blossomed into love.
17. He's committed to his role as a mentor.
18. She's committed to raising awareness of the issue.
19. The athletes are committed to their rigorous training.
20. He's committed to improving his community.
21. She's a committed member of the charity organization.
22. Their committed teamwork led to success.
23. He's committed to his family's well-being.
24. She's committed to fostering a culture of inclusivity.
25. The employees are committed to the company's mission.


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