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Examples of 'common' in a Sentence

1. In many cultures, breakfast is the most common meal of the day.
2. The common goal of the team is to win the championship.
3. The novel explores common themes of love, loss, and redemption.
4. The common belief is that hard work leads to success.
5. It's a common practice to brush your teeth twice a day for good oral hygiene.
6. In the common areas, residents often gather to socialize.
7. Common goals provide a sense of purpose in a team.
8. The common belief in justice unites the community.
9. Common experiences shape our understanding of the world.
10. The common thread in their friendship was trust.
11. Common values are the foundation of a strong society.
12. It's common to encounter traffic during rush hour.
13. A common language facilitates communication.
14. The common theme in their art was nature's beauty.
15. Common problems require innovative solutions.
16. Common interests can lead to lifelong friendships.
17. In the common room, residents share stories and laughter.
18. Common sense helps us navigate daily challenges.
19. The common good should guide our decisions.
20. Common knowledge is essential for basic education.
21. Common courtesy makes interactions more pleasant.
22. The common bond of family is unbreakable.
23. Common experiences connect us on a deeper level.
24. Common obstacles can be overcome with determination.
25. The common desire for peace unites nations.

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