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Examples of 'compatriot' in a Sentence


1. He joined forces with his compatriot to launch a successful business.
2. The diplomat worked closely with her compatriot to represent their nation's interests.
3. Being a compatriot, he felt a deep connection to the cultural traditions of his homeland.
4. The compatriot shared stories of their hometown, bringing back fond memories.
5. He found solace in the company of a compatriot during the holidays.
6. The compatriot's support was invaluable during the challenging times.
7. She exchanged stories of her homeland with her compatriot over dinner.
8. The artist collaborated with his compatriot to create a stunning mural.
9. Their compatriot's success abroad was a source of pride for the community.
10. The compatriot's perspective provided valuable insights into the global economy.
11. They organized a cultural event to connect with their compatriot living overseas.
12. The compatriot's arrival brought a sense of home to the expatriate community.
13. As a compatriot, he felt a responsibility to promote his country's culture abroad.
14. She found solace in the company of her compatriots while abroad.
15. Meeting a compatriot in a foreign land felt like a reassuring connection.
16. During the Olympics, athletes compete alongside their compatriots.
17. The celebration brought compatriots together to honor their culture.
18. A shared history often creates a strong bond among compatriots.
19. In times of crisis, compatriots rally together to support one another.
20. He was proud to represent his country among fellow compatriots.
21. The expatriate community provided a sense of home among compatriots.
22. Compatriots often share a deep sense of patriotism and identity.
23. The delegation included diplomats and their compatriots.
24. Celebrating national holidays is a way for compatriots to unite.

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