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Examples of 'compensation' in a Sentence

1. The airline provided compensation to passengers for the delayed flight.
2. The artist received compensation for the use of their artwork in a commercial campaign.
3. The insurance policy provided compensation for the stolen property.
4. The workers demanded fair compensation for their labor and overtime.
5. The executive received stock options as part of their compensation package.
6. His compensation package includes a bonus.
7. Fair compensation is crucial for job satisfaction.
8. The insurance policy provides compensation for accidents.
9. The compensation for overtime work was generous.
10. Legal action may lead to financial compensation.
11. The compensation for the project exceeded expectations.
12. Compensation for the injured worker was substantial.
13. The company offers competitive compensation.
14. Compensation for the injury covered medical bills.
15. Negotiations are ongoing regarding compensation.
16. Compensation for the lost item was offered.
17. She received fair compensation for her artwork.
18. Compensation for travel expenses was reimbursed.
19. Compensation for the delay was requested.
20. Compensation for the damaged property was sought.
21. Employee benefits go beyond financial compensation.
22. Adequate compensation is vital for employee retention.
23. Compensation for the service was gladly accepted.
24. Compensation for pain and suffering was awarded.
25. Compensation for the work was well-deserved.

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