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Examples of 'complaisant' in a Sentence

1. The complaisant employee always took on extra tasks.
2. In a healthy relationship, both partners are complaisant.
3. The complaisant driver let others merge in traffic.
4. The complaisant teacher listened to students' concerns.
5. The complaisant attitude of the staff ensured customer satisfaction.
6. Complaisant behavior can be misinterpreted as insincere.
7. The manager appreciated her complaisant response to criticism.
8. Complaisant people often go out of their way to help others.
9. The complaisant attitude of the host made the event enjoyable.
10. Complaisant leaders foster a positive work environment.
11. The complaisant child was eager to please adults.
12. Complaisant coworkers support each other in the workplace.
13. The complaisant attitude of the team improved collaboration.
14. Complaisant guests are a pleasure to host.
15. The complaisant student rarely disagreed with the teacher.
16. Complaisant friends are understanding and accommodating.
17. Her complaisant response diffused tense situations.
18. The complaisant attitude of the volunteers made the event run smoothly.
19. A complaisant approach to life can lead to happiness and harmony.

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