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Examples of 'complement' in a Sentence

1. The witty banter between the characters served as a playful complement to the intense drama of the play.
2. The warm weather was a perfect complement to our beach vacation.
3. The intricate details on the painting were a beautiful complement to the artist's skill.
4. The smooth jazz music provided a relaxing complement to the romantic dinner.
5. The strong coffee was a perfect complement to the rich chocolate cake.
6. The wine is a perfect complement to the meal.
7. Her skills are a great complement to the team.
8. The colors in the artwork are a beautiful complement.
9. A good dessert is the ideal complement to dinner.
10. The two pieces of furniture are a perfect complement.
11. His humor is a refreshing complement to the group.
12. The spices are a crucial complement in this dish.
13. The music served as a perfect complement to the event.
14. Their personalities are a harmonious complement.
15. The addition of herbs is a delightful complement.
16. The hat is a stylish complement to her outfit.
17. The book provides a valuable complement to the class.
18. Her creativity is a wonderful complement to the team.
19. The actor's performance was a brilliant complement.
20. The flavors in the dish create a perfect complement.
21. The accessories are a great complement to the dress.
22. The painting serves as a striking complement.
23. The new technology is a welcome complement.
24. Their interests are a complementary match.
25. The laughter of children is a joyful complement.

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