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Examples of 'complete' in a Sentence

1. Despite facing numerous challenges, she managed to complete the marathon.
2. The comprehensive training program provided all the necessary tools for complete understanding.
3. He felt a sense of relief when he found his lost wallet, complete with all his identification and credit cards.
4. The team's effort to address all aspects of the project resulted in a complete and successful outcome.
5. The puzzle is finally complete.
6. A complete understanding requires study.
7. She found the missing piece to complete it.
8. The project is nearing completion.
9. Their love story is a complete tale.
10. His speech was a complete success.
11. The recipe calls for complete precision.
12. A complete makeover transformed the room.
13. The team's effort led to a complete victory.
14. Her smile lit up the room, making it complete.
15. A complete set of tools is essential.
16. He felt a sense of complete satisfaction.
17. The book provides a complete guide.
18. The artwork is a complete masterpiece.
19. A complete meal should include all food groups.
20. The puzzle's complexity made it complete.
21. The journey was a complete adventure.
22. A complete silence filled the room.
23. Her collection is almost complete.
24. The training program offers complete support.

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