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Examples of 'compliant' in a Sentence

1. The project was completed on time and within budget, making it compliant with expectations.
2. The car manufacturer ensured that their vehicles are compliant with emissions regulations.
3. The software's user interface is compliant with accessibility standards.
4. The student's behavior was compliant with the teacher's instructions.
5. The building's architecture is compliant with local zoning laws.
6. The airline strictly enforces its policy to keep passengers compliant with seatbelt regulations.
7. The restaurant's kitchen equipment is compliant with health and safety standards.
8. The contractor ensured that the construction site remained compliant with noise regulations.
9. The company's privacy policy is fully compliant with data protection laws.
10. The patient was cooperative and compliant with the prescribed medication regimen.
11. The clothing brand is known for using compliant manufacturing processes.
12. The organization emphasizes the importance of being compliant with ethical guidelines.
13. The government agency conducts regular audits to ensure that businesses are compliant.
14. The employee training program focuses on making staff members compliant with diversity and inclusion initiatives.
15. The company's policies were compliant with the laws and regulations.
16. The employee was compliant with the company's dress code.
17. The building was compliant with the accessibility guidelines.
18. The organization was compliant with the data privacy regulations.
19. The software was compliant with the industry standards.
20. The financial statements were compliant with the accounting principles.
21. The design was compliant with the building codes.
22. The procedures were compliant with the company's Quality Management System.
23. The company's practices were compliant with the environmental regulations.
24. The patient was compliant with the treatment plan.
25. The company's operations were compliant with the labor laws.

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