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Examples of 'complicit' in a Sentence

1. By ignoring the issue, we become complicit in allowing it to continue.
2. The company was complicit in violating environmental regulations.
3. He realized too late that he had been complicit in a dubious enterprise.
4. Her lack of action made her complicit in the team's ethical failings.
5. Are consumers complicit when they purchase products made unethically?
6. By not reporting the crime, she felt complicit in what happened.
7. They were found complicit in smuggling operations and arrested immediately.
8. The board was complicit in approving actions that led to the downfall.
9. She accused the media of being complicit in spreading false information.
10. By supporting the regime, the ally nation became complicit in its crimes.
11. The officials were complicit in allowing unsafe conditions to persist.
12. Both companies were found complicit in the price-fixing scheme.
13. Their complicit behavior led to public outcry and demands for accountability.
14. The actor was criticized for being complicit in promoting harmful stereotypes.
15. He was complicit in the illegal activities of the organization.
16. The company was complicit in the exploitation of workers.
17. The government officials were complicit in the cover-up of the scandal.
18. He was complicit in the embezzlement of company funds.
19. The employees were complicit in the fraud by not reporting it.
20. The group was complicit in the human rights violations.
21. He was complicit in the illegal drug trade.
22. The organization was complicit in the illegal arms trade.
23. The individuals were complicit in the money laundering scheme.
24. The company was complicit in the environmental degradation.
25. The party was complicit in the corruption within the government.

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