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Examples of 'compliment' in a Sentence

1. The actress gracefully accepted the compliments on her outstanding performance in the play.
2. The compliment on his presentation skills encouraged him to pursue public speaking.
3. She appreciated the compliments on her organizational skills during the event planning process.
4. His thoughtful compliment on her writing talent inspired her to pursue a career in journalism.
5. The teacher's compliment on his dedication to learning encouraged him to strive for academic excellence.
6. Sarah blushed when she received a heartfelt compliment on her singing.
7. His compliment about her cooking skills made her day brighter.
8. The teacher's compliment boosted the student's confidence.
9. Receiving compliments from peers can be a great confidence builder.
10. Her elegant dress earned her many compliments at the party.
11. Accepting a compliment graciously is a valuable social skill.
12. The compliment he paid to her intelligence was well-deserved.
13. A genuine compliment can improve workplace morale.
14. Offering a sincere compliment is a simple act of kindness.
15. She couldn't help but smile at the unexpected compliment.
16. Compliments should be genuine, not just empty words.
17. His compliment on her presentation highlighted her hard work.
18. A compliment can turn someone's day around.
19. The compliment he received on his artwork filled him with pride.
20. Compliments can strengthen relationships and build trust.
21. Her compliment to the chef made the dining experience even better.
22. Gratitude for the compliment was evident in her warm smile.
23. A well-timed compliment can defuse tense situations.
24. Compliments should be given freely and without ulterior motives.
25. He blushed at the unexpected compliment on his new haircut.


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