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Examples of 'complimentary' in a Sentence

1. The bookstore offered complimentary gift wrapping for purchases made during the holiday season.
2. The hotel's gym provided complimentary towels and bottled water to its patrons.
3. The hotel's restaurant offered a complimentary dessert to celebrate the guests' anniversary.
4. The conference attendees received complimentary copies of the speaker's book.
5. The museum offered complimentary guided tours on weekends.
6. The hotel offers complimentary breakfast to all guests.
7. Enjoy a complimentary glass of wine with your meal.
8. She received a complimentary upgrade to first class.
9. The spa provides complimentary robes and slippers.
10. Our airline offers complimentary Wi-Fi on all flights.
11. The hotel provides complimentary shuttle service.
12. Guests can enjoy complimentary snacks in the lounge.
13. The conference offers complimentary workshops.
14. He received a complimentary ticket to the event.
15. The resort offers complimentary beach umbrellas.
16. As a gesture of goodwill, they provided complimentary dessert.
17. The store gave her a complimentary sample of their new product.
18. Complimentary valet parking is available at the restaurant.
19. The car rental company offers a complimentary car wash.
20. Attendees received complimentary tote bags filled with goodies.
21. The spa offers complimentary facials for anniversary bookings.
22. The airline provides complimentary pillows and blankets.
23. Hotel guests are treated to complimentary evening cocktails.
24. The seminar includes complimentary course materials.
25. The gym offers complimentary personal training sessions.

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