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Examples of 'comply' in a Sentence

1. The employees had to comply with the safety regulations.
2. The company had to comply with the requirements of the contract.
3. The driver had to comply with the traffic laws.
4. The company had to comply with the standards set by the industry.
5. The company had to comply with the requests of the shareholders.
6. All employees must comply with the company's dress code.
7. It's essential to comply with safety regulations in the lab.
8. Please comply with the posted speed limit for your safety.
9. Failure to comply with the law may result in penalties.
10. The airline asked passengers to comply with mask mandates.
11. The team decided to comply with the coach's strategy.
12. We must comply with environmental regulations to protect nature.
13. The restaurant was asked to comply with health inspections.
14. To avoid fines, businesses should comply with tax laws.
15. Teachers ensure students comply with classroom rules.
16. The driver refused to comply with the officer's instructions.
17. It's your responsibility to comply with the terms and conditions.
18. The company strives to comply with ethical business practices.
19. All citizens should comply with voting requirements.
20. The contractor failed to comply with building codes.
21. The manufacturer had to comply with safety standards.
22. To maintain certification, doctors must comply with training.
23. The company will comply with customer privacy regulations.
24. The school enforces a policy to comply with academic integrity.
25. To enter the country, travelers must comply with immigration laws.


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