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Examples of 'comportment' in a Sentence

1. The strict dress code was enforced to ensure appropriate comportment at the event.
2. The actor's charismatic comportment on stage drew the attention of the audience.
3. The military training emphasized disciplined comportment and adherence to protocols.
4. The etiquette expert provided guidance on proper comportment at formal dinners.
5. The politician's poised comportment during public speeches earned them respect.
6. Her elegant comportment at the event drew admiration.
7. Professional comportment is crucial in a corporate setting.
8. His dignified comportment in court impressed everyone.
9. Graceful comportment is a hallmark of her ballet performances.
10. Good comportment is valued in diplomatic circles.
11. She maintains impeccable comportment in all situations.
12. The teacher praised the students' respectful comportment.
13. His comportment reflects a strong sense of self-discipline.
14. In interviews, comportment can make or break a job offer.
15. Polite comportment is essential when meeting new people.
16. Her poised comportment in public speaking is impressive.
17. Comportment training is vital for military personnel.
18. The royal family's comportment is closely scrutinized.
19. Admirable comportment in adversity reveals character.
20. Proper comportment can enhance one's professional image.
21. The CEO's comportment sets the tone for the company.
22. Comportment reflects one's upbringing and values.
23. Maintaining good comportment is a sign of maturity.
24. Confidence in one's comportment exudes charisma.
25. Respectful comportment fosters harmonious relationships.


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