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Examples of 'composite' in a Sentence

1. Her poem was a composite of emotions and experiences.
2. The report provided a composite view of the data.
3. The music was a composite of different genres and influences.
4. They built a composite model to simulate real-world scenarios.
5. His speech was a composite of quotes and anecdotes.
6. The company used a composite approach to problem-solving.
7. The mosaic was a beautiful composite of colored tiles.
8. The committee presented a composite solution to the issue.
9. The interview revealed a composite picture of the subject.
10. The sculpture was a composite of various found objects.
11. The team's success was a result of their composite efforts.
12. The recipe was a delicious composite of flavors and textures.
13. The building's facade featured a composite of architectural styles.
14. The athlete's skills were a composite of talent and hard work.
15. He made a composite sketch of the suspect based on eyewitness descriptions.
16. The composite index of the stock market was used to measure overall performance.
17. She made a composite image using multiple photographs.
18. The composite structure of the building was designed to withstand earthquakes.
19. He made a composite sample of different soil types.
20. The composite materials used in the car reduced its weight and improved fuel efficiency.
21. She made a composite picture of the group of friends.
22. The composite bow was used by archers for its strength and accuracy.
23. He made a composite of the different species of birds in the area.
24. The composite material used in the prosthetic limb was strong and flexible.
25. She made a composite of the different elements in the painting.

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