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Examples of 'composition' in a Sentence


1. The poet's composition conveyed deep emotions and captured the essence of love.
2. The symphony orchestra rehearsed the composition until it achieved a harmonious performance.
3. The composition of the sculpture showcased intricate details and skilled craftsmanship.
4. The writer's composition reflected their unique perspective on social issues.
5. The professor gave valuable feedback on the composition, helping the student improve their writing skills.
6. My painting's composition involved a mix of vibrant colors and dark, muted tones.
7. The composition of this melody blends jazz rhythms with classical harmonies.
8. A balanced composition can make an artwork or piece of music more appealing.
9. In writing, composition requires skillful arrangement of words and phrases.
10. She marveled at the composition’s elegance, crafted from simple elements.
11. They analyzed the artwork, noting the intricate composition of lines and shapes.
12. Your poem’s unique composition melds classic and modern stylistic elements.
13. Composition in photography is vital; it turns simple shots into art.
14. With careful composition, a story can evoke powerful emotions and imagery.
15. The sculpture’s composition was a harmony of abstract and realistic elements.
16. Composition skills are honed over years of practice and experimentation.
17. Every ingredient contributed to the dish’s delightful composition of flavors.
18. Musical composition often involves blending varying tones and rhythms.
19. A potent composition of herbs made the remedy highly effective.
20. The building's composition boasted a mix of vintage and modern designs.
21. His writing’s rich composition stems from a vivid imagination and experience.
22. A song’s composition is as integral to its impact as the lyrics.
23. In every great book, there’s a meticulous composition of narrative elements.
24. The composition of her attire was both elegant and comfortably functional.
25. Through composition, artists convey complex emotions and abstract concepts.

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