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Examples of 'comprehend' in a Sentence


1. I can't comprehend how anyone could enjoy such a gruesome movie.
2. The poem's meaning was so profound that it was hard to comprehend.
3. I need more time to comprehend the implications of this discovery.
4. It's challenging to comprehend the motives behind his actions.
5. The complexity of the legal system is beyond my ability to comprehend.
6. I struggle to comprehend the depth of her betrayal.
7. He found it hard to comprehend the extent of the disaster.
8. The artwork was so abstract that I couldn't comprehend its meaning.
9. It takes a lot of effort to comprehend the intricacies of computer programming.
10. The foreign language was difficult for me to comprehend.
11. I comprehend the importance of this decision for our future.
12. The philosophical concepts were hard to comprehend without prior knowledge.
13. The enormity of the disaster was almost impossible to comprehend.
14. Can you comprehend the consequences of your actions?


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