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Examples of 'comprehensive' in a Sentence

1. The comprehensive exam assesses a wide range of skills.
2. The investigation provided a comprehensive understanding.
3. The textbook provides a comprehensive overview of the subject.
4. The comprehensive insurance plan covers all potential risks.
5. We need a comprehensive strategy to address the issue.
6. The museum offers a comprehensive collection of artworks.
7. The comprehensive training program prepares employees well.
8. The report offers a comprehensive analysis of market trends.
9. A comprehensive approach is essential for success.
10. The website provides a comprehensive resource for students.
11. Their comprehensive review highlighted key findings.
12. The course offers a comprehensive understanding of the topic.
13. The comprehensive survey gathered data from diverse sources.
14. A comprehensive solution requires collaboration and effort.
15. The comprehensive report covered all aspects of the issue.
16. The comprehensive exam was designed to test the student's knowledge.
17. Her comprehensive research led to the discovery of new information.
18. The comprehensive insurance policy provided coverage for a wide range of risks.
19. He had a comprehensive approach to problem solving.
20. The comprehensive plan for the city's development was presented to the council.
21. She had a comprehensive knowledge of the field.
22. The comprehensive study revealed the extent of the problem.
23. He had a comprehensive view of the situation and was able to make a well-informed decision.
24. The comprehensive book provided a detailed analysis of the topic.
25. She had a comprehensive understanding of the industry and was able to make strategic decisions.

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