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Examples of 'compromise' in a Sentence

1. In business, compromise is often necessary to achieve mutual goals.
2. A good compromise is one in which both parties feel like they've given a little and gained a little.
3. Failing to reach a compromise can lead to bitterness and resentment.
4. Sometimes, compromise is about finding common ground rather than achieving one's own objectives.
5. The ability to compromise is a valuable life skill that can lead to greater success and happiness.
6. Negotiation often involves finding a compromise that satisfies both parties.
7. A successful relationship requires mutual compromise and understanding.
8. Compromise can be a valuable tool in resolving conflicts peacefully.
9. They reached a compromise on the budget after hours of discussion.
10. In politics, reaching a compromise is often seen as a sign of progress.
11. Effective teamwork relies on a willingness to make compromises.
12. The compromise they reached allowed the project to move forward.
13. A well-crafted compromise can bridge even the widest divides.
14. Finding a compromise can be challenging but ultimately rewarding.
15. The compromise struck a balance between cost and quality.
16. Compromises are necessary in any healthy give-and-take relationship.
17. Their compromise was fair and took into account both sides' needs.
18. A compromise can be a win-win solution for all parties involved.
19. The compromise addressed the concerns of both labor and management.
20. Compromise is often the key to achieving consensus in a group.
21. They had to make a difficult compromise to reach an agreement.
22. Compromises in business negotiations can lead to lasting partnerships.
23. The compromise reached in the treaty ended years of conflict.
24. Compromise is essential for maintaining harmony in a diverse society.
25. The compromise they settled upon was a testament to their diplomacy.


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