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Examples of 'compulsion' in a Sentence

1. The gambler had a compulsion to bet on every game, no matter the odds.
2. She had a compulsion to organize and clean everything in sight.
3. He had a compulsion to control every aspect of his life, leading to stress and anxiety.
4. The artist had a compulsion to create, expressing themselves through their work.
5. The collector had a compulsion to acquire rare and unique items.
6. She had a compulsion to exercise every day, maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
7. His relentless compulsion for perfection often plunged him into anxiety.
8. Battling the compulsion to repeatedly check things was a daily struggle.
9. Compulsions, if left unaddressed, can disrupt one's life profoundly.
10. Overcoming compulsions often necessitates professional intervention.
11. Her compulsion for order teetered on the edge of obsession.
12. Compulsions may serve as coping mechanisms in response to stress.
13. She grappled with a hoarding compulsion, accumulating unnecessary items.
14. Unraveling the underlying causes of compulsions is pivotal for recovery.
15. His compulsion to overeat was a response to emotional distress.
16. Compulsions vary in intensity, with some severely impacting one's life.
17. The compulsion to gamble had devastating repercussions on his finances.
18. Shame often leads individuals to conceal their compulsions.
19. Her compulsion for cleanliness bordered on the obsessive.
20. Conquering compulsions frequently requires the guidance of a professional.
21. Repeated compulsions can disrupt daily routines and relationships.
22. Seeking therapy was her proactive step to confront her compulsions.
23. His compulsion to count objects provided temporary relief from anxiety.
24. Developing healthier habits is a key component of managing compulsions.
25. Identifying triggers for compulsions is crucial for effective management.
26. The path to recovery involves understanding and addressing compulsions.

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