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Examples of 'compulsory' in a Sentence

1. Jury duty is compulsory for eligible citizens.
2. Passing a drug test is compulsory for athletes.
3. The company enforces compulsory diversity training.
4. Adhering to safety guidelines is compulsory in construction.
5. Compulsory education ensures all children receive learning opportunities.
6. In some nations, military service remains a compulsory obligation.
7. Wearing a mask is compulsory in crowded indoor spaces.
8. Compulsory drug tests maintain fairness in sports.
9. Compulsory safety briefings precede adventurous activities.
10. Jury duty is a compulsory civic duty in many democracies.
11. Compulsory compliance with health guidelines saves lives.
12. Completing a tax return is compulsory for eligible citizens.
13. Compulsory reporting of incidents promotes transparency.
14. Compulsory retirement age varies across different professions.
15. Wearing a mask during the pandemic is now compulsory in many public places.
16. The company has made it compulsory for all employees to undergo training.
17. Compulsory education laws require children to attend school until a certain age.
18. National service is compulsory for all citizens in some countries.
19. Some universities make it compulsory for students to live on campus.
20. The government has made it compulsory for all citizens to have a national ID card.
21. Compulsory voting laws require citizens to vote in national elections.
22. The company has made it compulsory for all employees to work on weekends.
23. Compulsory military service is mandatory for certain age group in certain countries.
24. Compulsory vaccinations are required for certain professions or school attendance.
25. The school has made it compulsory for all students to wear uniforms.

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