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Examples of 'conceal' in a Sentence

1. The witness refused to cooperate, hoping to conceal the truth.
2. The detective discovered a hidden compartment that concealed important evidence.
3. The suspect's nervousness betrayed his attempts to conceal something.
4. The politician used vague language to conceal his true intentions.
5. She used her scarf to partially conceal the bruise on her face.
6. The treasure map was concealed within a seemingly ordinary book.
7. The smuggler used a secret compartment in his luggage to conceal contraband.
8. The masked vigilante concealed his true identity from the public.
9. The criminal's face was concealed beneath a dark hood.
10. The spy used advanced encryption techniques to conceal his messages.
11. The fugitive went to great lengths to conceal his whereabouts.
12. The secret document was concealed in a hidden safe.
13. The camouflage pattern helped the soldier conceal himself in the jungle.
14. The actress wore a wig to conceal her natural hair color.

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