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Examples of 'conceit' in a Sentence

1. His conceit about his physical appearance often led to self-absorption.
2. The playwright's use of metaphysical conceits added depth to the play's themes.
3. In the world of business, humility often triumphs over unchecked conceit.
4. The poet's use of conceit in her verses created layers of meaning for the readers.
5. Their relationship was strained due to his constant conceit and need for validation.
6. Despite his success, he never let his accomplishments turn into conceit.
7. The film explored the conceit of time travel, presenting it in a new and intriguing way.
8. Her conceit about her academic achievements alienated her peers.
9. The comedian's humorous conceit resonated with the audience, eliciting laughter.
10. The character's conceit in the story led to his downfall as he underestimated others.
11. The painter's conceit about his own genius was evident in his dismissive attitude toward critics.
12. The poet used a clever conceit to convey the fleeting nature of life.
13. His conceit prevented him from acknowledging his mistakes and learning from them.
14. The novel's central conceit challenged traditional storytelling norms, keeping readers engaged.

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