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Examples of 'conceptualize' in a Sentence


1. Entrepreneurs must conceptualize innovative products to succeed.
2. The team gathered to conceptualize the company's future direction.
3. Writers use their imaginations to conceptualize entire worlds.
4. Engineers must conceptualize solutions to design challenges.
5. Architects work hard to conceptualize functional and aesthetic buildings.
6. Can you conceptualize a better way to solve this problem?
7. Philosophers often conceptualize abstract ideas in profound ways.
8. Scientists strive to conceptualize the nature of dark matter.
9. Teachers help students conceptualize complex mathematical concepts.
10. Designers work together to conceptualize cutting-edge fashion.
11. The artist was able to conceptualize the essence of human emotion.
12. Innovators constantly conceptualize new technologies and gadgets.
13. It's crucial to conceptualize the user experience in app design.
14. Leaders must conceptualize a vision to inspire their teams.
15. The designer struggled to conceptualize the project before starting to work on it.
16. The scientist had to conceptualize the experiment before conducting it.
17. The artist's ability to conceptualize abstract ideas was impressive.
18. The team had to conceptualize the new product before beginning development.
19. The architect had to conceptualize the building before creating the blueprints.
20. The philosopher had to conceptualize the theory before presenting it.
21. The musician had to conceptualize the composition before writing it.
22. The marketing team had to conceptualize the campaign before launching it.
23. The engineer had to conceptualize the design before building it.
24. The writer had to conceptualize the plot before writing the novel.
25. The teacher had to conceptualize the lesson before teaching it.

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