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Examples of 'concern' in a Sentence

1. The teacher's main concern is the academic progress of her students.
2. The recent increase in crime rates has raised concerns among the community.
3. It's important to address the concerns of the employees to maintain a productive work environment.
4. The government's policies regarding healthcare are a matter of public concern.
5. The noise from the construction site is causing concern for the neighboring residents.
6. Her safety concern prompted her to install a security system.
7. We need to address the environmental concern raised by activists.
8. His behavior in school has been a growing concern for teachers.
9. The economic downturn continues to concern investors.
10. The health scare deeply concerned her family.
11. The lack of progress on the project is beginning to concern me.
12. The sudden disappearance of the funds raised serious concern.
13. The safety of our employees is a top concern for the company.
14. His comments about the economy have raised some valid concern.
15. The increase in crime rates has raised concern in the community.
16. The health department's report highlights several areas of concern.
17. It's essential to address the safety concern of the neighborhood.
18. The lack of communication from the team leader is a major concern.
19. The quality of their products has been a concern for customers.
20. The recent data breach has raised security concern.
21. The teacher's behavior in class raised concern among parents.
22. The ongoing conflict in the region continues to concern diplomats.
23. The financial instability of the company is a growing concern.
24. The allegations of misconduct deeply concern the board of directors.

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