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Examples of 'concerned' in a Sentence

1. The organization is deeply concerned about the welfare of endangered species.
2. He is concerned about the rising costs of living in the city.
3. The team is concerned about the potential delays in the project timeline.
4. The community is concerned about the increasing crime rate in the area.
5. The government is concerned about the impact of the new policy on small businesses.
6. She was concerned about her friend's well-being.
7. The teacher is concerned about the students' progress.
8. He's concerned about the environmental impact.
9. I'm concerned about the upcoming exam.
10. Are you concerned about the budget deficit?
11. The doctor seemed concerned about the symptoms.
12. She's concerned with social justice issues.
13. The manager is concerned with team morale.
14. He's concerned for the safety of the neighborhood.
15. Are you concerned about the project's timeline?
16. The scientist is concerned with data accuracy.
17. She's concerned about the company's future.
18. He's concerned about his aging parents.
19. Are you concerned about global health issues?
20. The parent-teacher meeting addressed concerned parents.
21. The team is concerned with product quality.
22. She's concerned about the political climate.
23. The CEO is concerned about market trends.
24. I'm concerned with improving my skills.

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