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Examples of 'concertina' in a Sentence

1. Under pressure, metal structures concertina, creating intricate, abstract sculptures.
2. As she tidied up, magazines would concertina into tight stacks, neat and orderly.
3. The blueprint concertina to reveal a hidden art, skillful engineering unveiled.
4. Shimmering silks concertina, transforming into a masterpiece of texture and pattern.
5. Amidst the clutter, forgotten sketches concertina, a silent symphony of art unfolds.
6. As the train derailed, the carriages began to concertina together.
7. The strong winds made the metal sheeting concertina against the side of the barn.
8. She tried to concertina her clothes into the small suitcase.
9. The kids found it amusing to concertina the slinky down the stairs.
10. During the earthquake, the bridge appeared to concertina before collapsing.
11. When the bookshelves fell, the books started to concertina against one another.
12. The drunk driver caused the row of parked cars to concertina.
13. The paper lanterns will concertina open when you pull the string.
14. The origami sculpture is designed to concertina into different shapes.
15. The players in the rugby match seemed to concertina into a scrum.
16. The crowd had to concertina together to make room for the ambulance.
17. She found a way to concertina her long, flowing skirt to avoid it getting wet.
18. The magician made the rows of cards concertina in a visually stunning display.
19. His anxiety seemed to concertina within him, making him feel claustrophobic.
20. As they neared the bottleneck in the marathon, the runners had to concertina together to get through.
21. The artist used a unique technique to concertina layers of paint, creating a three-dimensional effect.
22. The family managed to concertina a week's worth of activities into the three-day vacation.
23. The construction workers used a machine to concertina the metal into a specific pattern for the facade.
24. When the windstorm hit, it caused the sails of the boat to concertina, making it hard to control.

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