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Examples of 'conciliatory' in a Sentence

1. The CEO made a conciliatory gesture by offering a personal apology to the employees affected by the company's mistakes.
2. In a conciliatory move, the government agreed to meet with the protesting group and discuss their demands.
3. The teacher adopted a conciliatory approach in order to calm the upset student and address their concerns.
4. The union leader made a conciliatory statement in an effort to avoid a strike.
5. The two rival politicians made conciliatory remarks towards each other in an effort to mend their strained relationship.
6. The lawyer used conciliatory language in an effort to reach a settlement with the opposing counsel.
7. In a conciliatory move, the company agreed to offer additional benefits to its employees.
8. The athlete used conciliatory language in order to defuse the tension after making a controversial statement.
9. The diplomat employed conciliatory tactics in order to resolve the international dispute.
10. The customer service representative used a conciliatory approach in order to resolve the complaint and maintain a positive relationship with the customer.
11. The parent adopted a conciliatory tone in order to deescalate the argument with their teenager.
12. The leader made a conciliatory speech in an effort to unite the divided group and move forward together.
13. His conciliatory words helped mend the strained relationship.
14. The mediator adopted a conciliatory approach to resolve the dispute.
15. She offered a conciliatory gesture to ease the tension in the room.
16. The CEO's conciliatory tone reassured anxious employees.
17. The government's conciliatory measures aimed to calm social unrest.
18. The diplomat's conciliatory efforts paved the way for peace talks.
19. In a conciliatory move, they agreed to compromise on the terms.
20. The teacher's conciliatory attitude diffused classroom conflicts.
21. Their conciliatory agreement avoided a protracted legal battle.
22. A conciliatory message from the president sought to unite the nation.
23. The union leader's conciliatory stance helped reach a labor agreement.
24. Her conciliatory nature made her a valued peacemaker in the family.

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